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POSIT uses the Model-View Control used by Android SDK to build applications. For a more general view of the architecture of android itself, visit What is Android?.


The IDE being used currently is Eclipse which provides some good features useful for programming for android. It's integrated DDMS(Dalvik Debug Monitor Service) provides an easier way to view the device logs and for debugging the applications.

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The Database system

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The Database is similar for the server and the phone in that there is a main table and the corresponding tables for the different content types like images, sound recordings, videos,etc.

The difference between the phone database and the server database (obviously, apart from the size of them) is that the Images and content are saved differently, where the images, videos, etc. are saved as binary data in the database itself on the server; they need to be saved as locations and corresponding UUID for the entry.

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Server Communication

The server communication is done using the Women's Leather Troopa 0 2 Boot Madden Combat Wine Steve aqwzC8 protocol. The kXMLRPC for J2ME has been adapted for android to provide this communication functionality.

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Nash UGG Women's Women's Chestnut UGG Chestnut UGG Nash Women's The two databases in the phone are mirrors of the database system outlined above. The main Posit-db is supposed to be the default and only place where the phone writes local content. The server database is for caching the requested data from the server. When any request is made in the phone, first the information is looked up in these two databases and then a request is sent to the server. The information from the server is appended to the server db database and available for viewing according to the requirements.

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