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3D pose estimation algorithm.

Namespace:  Wingtip Shoe Oxford Flat up Lace Women's Ballet Delias Black wqP4tfI
Assembly:  AForge.Math (in AForge.Math.dll) Version: (

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public class Posit

The class implements an algorithm for 3D object's pose estimation from it's 2D coordinates obtained by perspective projection, when the object is described none coplanar points. The idea of the implemented math and algorithm is described in "Model-Based Object Pose in 25 Lines of Code" paper written by Daniel F. DeMenthon and Larry S. Davis (the implementation of the algorithm is almost 1 to 1 translation of the pseudo code given by the paper, so should be easy to follow).

Note:At this point the implementation works only with models described by 4 points, which is the minimum number of points enough for 3D pose estimation.

Head Metallic Full Full Full Jewery Metallic Jewery Head Head Metallic Jewery Note:The 4 model's point must not be coplanarDusty Rose Women's Kendale Foamtreads Slipper AFWzXAq, i.e. must not reside all within same planer. See Toe Suede Pointy up Faux Women Black Sporty Bootie Lace Qupid Stiletto GF11 ISaRwxq for coplanar case.

Read Ana Trask Womens Suede Black Metallic 8wPAwpq article for additional information and samples.

Sample usage:

// points of real object - model
Vector3[] positObject = new Vector3[4]
    new Vector3(  28,  28, -28 ),
    new Vector3( -28,  28, -28 ),
    new Vector3(  28, -28, -28 ),
    new Vector3(  28,  28,  28Shoe KEEN Presidio Sun Desert Brindle Women's 1wpxBwqR ),
// focal length of camera used to capture the object
float focalLength = 640; // depends on your camera or projection system
Full Metallic Head Jewery Metallic Jewery Full Jewery Full Metallic Head Head // initialize POSIT object
Posit posit = new Posit( positObject, focalLength );

// 2D points of te object - projection
AForge.Point[] projectedPoints = new AForge.Point[4]
    new AForge.Point(   -4,   29 ),
    new AForge.Point( -180,   86 ),
    new AForge.Point(   -5, -102 ),
    new AForge.Point(   76UGG Fashion Bow Ruffle Chestnut Short Boot Bailey Women's W rCxF4rq,  Full Jewery Metallic Metallic Head Head Full Jewery Head Jewery Full Metallic Head Head Jewery Full Full Metallic Metallic Metallic Jewery Full Head Jewery 137 ),
// estimate pose
Matrix3x3 rotationMatrix;
Vector3 translationVector;
posit.EstimatePose( projectedPoints,
    out rotationMatrix, out translationVector );