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In this video from Disruptive Technologies exhibit at SC17, Theodore Omtzigt describes the mission of a new Startup called Posit Research.

“Posit Research is a fabless semi designing and marketing posit-based computational solutions for the artificial intelligence and high-performance computing markets. We are creating a new type of artificial intelligence supercomputer that adapts to the application. It uses a new number system called posit.”

According to inventor Burgundy KYLIE Ella Kid Toe Open Booties Suede KENDALL Women's UYwndZqgyO, Posits solve the memory bottleneck and power constraint of large cloud and supercomputer installations enabling larger scale, lower cost, and improved efficiency of AI solutions and services.

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Australia Conference, John Gustafson from A*STAR presents: Beating Floats at Their Own Game.

Download the Posit C/C++ Implementation on GitHub

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  1. Actually, the c++ posit library mentioned in the interview is at:

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